Why Is My Finch Losing Feathers

Why Is My Finch Losing Feathers. He is also loosing his feathers on his head. Any changes to that routine has the potential to cause a certain amount of stress to them.

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I no longer believe this to be true, and in fact know it to be false. Some pet owners have also noticed their birds puff up when they feel discomfort or upset about something. It is important to pay attention as they may need your help.

There Is No Shortage Of Information When It Comes To Feather Loss, And If You’re Not Sure Where To Start, Look No Further Than This Article.

Particularly common in australian finches, but not exclusively so. I think that this is an “urban legend” that somehow got. Molting is a natural part of being a bird, but when a bird doesn't molt annually, doesn’t “complete” a juvenile molt, or molts out of season, this is called an “abnormal molt” and may be a symptom of a larger.

Your Bird Has An Infection;

Birds lose head feathers at least once or twice a year as a part of the natural molting process. Gouldians are very territorial when breeding and become aggressive if they are over crowded, this causes high levels of stress to the birds. The primary wing feathers are the most commonly affected ones.

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Perhaps One Of The Most Disturbing Aspects Of Owning Lady Gouldian Finches Is When They Begin To Lose Their Head Feathers And Take On A Rather Vulture Looking Appearance.

Less likely if it’s only one finch. Ok well my finches had a baby and it has been in the nest for a while. Your chickens will thrive on a consistent routine.

These Cysts Will Need Surgical Intervention.

A change to the routine (no matter how small) can lead to a certain amount of fear in your birds and fear creates stress. They pick out of aggression when their cages are overcrowded or when you welcome a new bird. Feather loss, specifically around the eyes, is a common symptom of the below problems:

Finches Also Puff Up When They Want To Relax Or Sleep.

For many years we have told people that this was caused by insufficient iodine in their diet. Losing large numbers of feathers at one time out of season or not replacing all of the feathers is considered an abnormal molt. If several birds were losing feathers, one would suspect a possible worm and/or protozoal infections, which would need to be treated.