Purple Moscow Guppy

Purple Moscow Guppy. Ikan guppy ungu moskow atau ikan gupi ungu moskow tidak terlalu umum karena label harganya. Please read to bottom, thanks and enjoy!

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Ikan guppy ungu di luar negeri bisa mencapai harga. The purple guppy has solid purple in the tail and dorsal. The origin of purple moscow guppies.

Depending On The Strain, Color Pattern, And Overall Traits, You Can Purchase The Purple Moscow At Prices Varying Between $40 And $100.

Ikan guppy ungu moskow (purple moscow guppy) ikan guppy termahal di dunia adalah ikan guppy moscow, yang paling langka ditemukan di akuarium karena harganya tergantung pada jenis strainnya. The moscow guppies are a strain that was developed through selective breeding in russia in the late 80’s for their beautiful blue color. Blue tail snakeskin guppy pair.

Hawaiian Moscow Is Related To The Japanese And German Moscow Strains.

The reproduction of moscow is from its moscow. Regular price $30.00 sale price $20.00. Regular price $25.00 panda guppy pair.

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Black Moscow Guppies Pack Of 6 Fry.

But has been developed and improved by hawaiian guppy breeders, larger body, faster growing with more true blue color, including blue heads. They are not as good as their parents and yes, sometimes. This fish would be entered in the purple class.

Platinum Purple Dragon Dumbo Ear Guppy Pair.

This fish would be entered in the purple class. Crossing with “triangle/delta green” guppies will bias the color to green. One thing that needs to be worked on is this fish’s finnage.

Female Moscow Guppies Tend To Be More Colored Than Other.

“purple moscow”) is one of the most striking and popular guppy varieties. Moscow is a species of guppy originating from russia and arriving in east germany and widely spread from there. Moscow guppies are usually larger in size and males are fully colored featuring a bright, shiny, metallic sheen.

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