Penalty For Owning A Hedgehog In Georgia

Penalty For Owning A Hedgehog In Georgia. The same is the case with the georgia department of natural resources, wildlife resources division, and other states where possession of hedgehogs is considered illegal. Palmer, wasilla, sutton, big lake, houston, and bodenberg butte.

What Animals Are Illegal To Have In Georgia?
What Animals Are Illegal To Have In Georgia? from

The department should be consulted before any exotic animals which are not normally domesticated in georgia are acquired. The georgia economy wants to stay on the safe side and let both the beneficial and destructive bugs live in order to keep agriculture strong. Pet hedgehogs are illegal in at least four states.

That Means They Are Awake At Night And Will Be Asleep During The Day.

The state of georgia has deemed hedgehog ownership illegal for state citizens, however, it is perfectly legal for a licensed breeder to breed in georgia. Hedgehog's are very friendly animals that are very suitable as pets for the state of georgia. Whether there are certain cruelty laws which have been broken (this varies from city to city) the pet store proprietor might be prosecuted.

Also, These Points Are Telling Us Why Are Hedgehogs Illegal.

Hedgehogs are illegals in some parts of the united states of america. Twelve days of fun ending at labor day. Now trying to take issue a felony sexual abuse of federal aid funds must be required to another trade secrets, a penalty for in georgia, hooper bay fishery benefits.

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In Arkansas, You Can Own Bobcats, But Not More Than Six At A Time.

They were illegal in new jersey and washington d.c. In florida, hedgehogs are legal to own, but you need a permit to exhibit or sell a hedgehog. It has been said that no other exotic animal has caught the attention of the public quite like the pet hedgehog has.

However, You Might Need A Permit First.

Pet hedgehogs are illegal in at least four states. Hedgehogs are not legal to own as pets in georgia. States like california, georgia, pennsylvania, five boroughs of new york city, hawaii, etc.

Many Exceptions And Qualifications Apply To These Exotic Animal Laws.

It’s legal to get a hedgehog in the majority of states around the states. South dakota will let you keep a bear on your property, but domest
ic pigs are prohibited. According to statista , in the united states, approximately 19 new cases of salmonellosis per 1m population were recorded in the year 2018.