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Megalodon Blue Whale. Well, scientists guess that even the biggest megalodon only reached a mere 58 feet (18 meters) (though some argue it was up to 82 feet [25 meters]). In terms of weight, blue whales weigh a whopping 400,000 pounds!

Blue Whale and Megalodon size comparison by SameerPrehistorica on
Blue Whale and Megalodon size comparison by SameerPrehistorica on from

As we pointed out earlier, not even the biggest megalodon was recorded as being larger than a blue whale. Megalodon vs blue whale | marine life #wildlife #fishesfights #megalodonvsbluewhale #fightbetweenfishes Megalodon was the biggest shark that ever lived, making the great white shark seem like a guppy.

Megalodon Vs Blue Whale | Marine Life #Wildlife #Fishesfights #Megalodonvsbluewhale #Fightbetweenfishes

Simply put, size can (in many cases) be highly advantageous in a physical altercation. The largest blue whale ever found weighed around 418,000 pounds, which was almost 75% larger than some of the largest megs. Its large, serrated teeth would have enabled it to eat large fish and other sharks as well as whales.

As We Pointed Out Earlier, Not Even The Biggest Megalodon Was Recorded As Being Larger Than A Blue Whale.

Is a megalodon bigger than a blue whale? Here are 10 fascinating megalodon facts. What if we compare the two in.

The Megalodon Was The Largest Shark Roaming The Ocean And The Blue Whale Is The Largest Sea Animal Living On The Planet Today.

That being said, megalodons were also pretty large and could grow up to a length of 50 feet. In fact, blue whales are known to be the largest mammals on the planet. Long pliocene shark were found on a rib from an ancestral blue or humpback whale that showed evidence of subsequent healing, which is suspected to have been inflicted by a juvenile megalodon.

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This Ancient Shark Lived Roughly 23 To 3.6 Million Years Ago In Nearly Every Corner Of The Ocean.

The average blue whale is recorder to hit lengths of about 90 feet and 30 feet in length. The blue whale is the biggest animal that ever existed. Megalodon is 20 meters long , the blue whale is 33.5 meters long.

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Based on the best data available, a megalodon would move at about 11 mph in the water, very fast considering its size. Key factors to consider in a fight between these legends of the deep 1. Let us together learn more about this.