Guinea Pig In Spanish Mexico

Guinea Pig In Spanish Mexico. Here is a list of the guinea pig rescue shelters that we know of in new mexico. There are several words in spanish (the language spoken in mexico) that means pig:

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Puerquito de guinea loc nom m : Translation of guinea pigs in spanish. The guinea pig is an animal that is used in laboratories to experiment with medicine and bacteriology.

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Learn more about the cause symptoms treatment and transmission of ebola. Guinea pig n (small south american mammal) conejillo de indias loc nom m (ar) conejito de indias loc nom m : Translation of guinea pigs in spanish.

The Guinea Pig Is An Animal That Is Used In Laboratories To Experiment With Medicine And Bacteriology.

La mujer simboliza las cualidades misteriosas e inconscientes que deambulan en los escenarios. Conejillo de indias cobaya cobayo cuy. Translation of guinea pig in spanish.

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The guinea pig is a rodent mammal native to peru about 25 cm long, its head and trunk are voluminous, it has short legs and tail, it is also a docile and terrifying animal. The woman symbolizes the mysterious and unconscious qualities. Puerco (can also mean hog) can also refer to a person as being a pig.

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El conejillo de indias noun. Explore the following list of top guinea pig suppliers in. Los cosméticos se prueban primero en conejillos de indias para ver si hay reacciones adversas.

Cobayas Conejillos De Indias Cobayos Cuyes Conejillos De India.

Pigs can be as loud as a supersonic airliner and they can run up to 11mph. Cosmetics may be tested for adverse reactions first on a guinea pig. At least it looked like a guinea pig!

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