Conan Exiles Reptile Hide

Conan Exiles Reptile Hide. While you could technically go the entire game without farming the stuff, it would be a difficult journey. How to get hides and how to farm them more efficiently.

Corrupted Crocodile Official Conan Exiles Wiki
Corrupted Crocodile Official Conan Exiles Wiki from

Conan exiles wiki is a fandom games community. Press j to jump to the feed. If so, that’s not a rhino.

Apr 26, 2018 @ 6:35Pm I'm In A Sort Of Savannah, Near The Swagger Rock.

Press j to jump to the feed. I kill a crocodile and harvest it and get reptile hide, which according to the tanner table counts as a thicker hide. Elephant and rhino are thick.

They Are The First Viable Pet The Player Has Access To And A Great Pet For New Players To Tame And Level With.

View mobile site follow on ig tiktok join fan lab. (turn on) should give you thick leather. How can i get the thick hide at all?

Huh Wierd Crocs Give Reptile Hide With Skinning Knife I Always Just Assumed Elphants Would Work The Same.

Reptile leather epic is one of the feats in conan exiles. Once learned, it is permanently unlocked. I have the fangs and reptile hide but i have no clue where to get the medium armor padding for the helm, chest and legs.

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While You Could Technically Go The Entire Game Without Farming The Stuff, It Would Be A Difficult Journey.

1 for 1 the same with elephant hide, rhino hide and maybe a couple more large creatures. I have a world map open down there and i beam back to the set ob where throw all of that into a tannery with a named tanner. The more teeth the better.

I Have Also Killed Hyenas And Get Hyena Hide, Same Thing With The Tanner Table.

Offering significantly more protection than light armor, this medium armor incorporates a balance of. Snappy and fierce, the crocodile has many benefits as a combat companion in conan exiles. The overlapping scales that offer natural protection to reptiles are an excellent source of protection for humans as well.

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