Can You Have A Raccoon As A Pet In Oregon

Can You Have A Raccoon As A Pet In Oregon. List of legal exotic pets you can own in oregon. The inside of the ears is ringed with white, adding to the facial contrast.

Raccoon Hunting Fin & Field
Raccoon Hunting Fin & Field from

Raccoons have adapted well to residential life because they are primarily nighttime feeders. Raccoons (procyon lotor) are opportunistic, intelligent creatures that have adapted well to our urban and suburban landscapes. If you live in the state of oregon and have had your pet squirrel before january 20th, 2017, and can prove that you had your pet squirrel before that date, it is legal to keep them so long as you meet the requirements set by the state.

List Of Legal Exotic Pets You Can Own In Oregon.

Oregon revised statute 609.205 provides that . They find lots of places to hide during the day, and foods they thrive on are often readily available. Because raccoons are carriers of rabies, more than 20 states ban pet raccoons.

A General Lack Of Predators Combined With Easy To Access Food Sources Such As Garbage Cans, Compost Bins, Gardens And Outdoor Pet Food Bowls Have Allowed Raccoons To Proliferate Even In The Most Developed Of.

And, being omnivorous, they may attack your other pets. Grandfathered owners of black bear, cougar, bobcat, raccoon, skunk, chipmunk and squirrel need a wildlife holding ($26/animal +$2) or wildlife exhibitor/animal entertainment industry or wildlife sanctuary permit ($100 + $2), meet the state caging standards, and have proof they were legally acquired by 1/21/18. However, raccoons are wild animals, so taking one from the wild won’t have good results and is likely illegal.

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The Common Raccoon Is A Moderately Sized, Heavily Furred Mammal Best Characterized By Its Distinctive Markings.

Ever since having a pet raccoon became fashionable, veterinary professionals have insisted that raccoons are not domesticated animals and that their possession is irresponsible, both for environmental and health reasons, informing that they can be carriers of diseases, such as rabies, being able to transmit them both to people and to other. “raccoons are potential predators of domestic pets, including small cats and rabbits,” warn stanley gehrt, seth riley and brian cypher in their book urban carnivores. 42) are also not allowed.

Opossum's Aren't Native To Oregon, So They Are Probably Illegal.

The common raccoon is a moderately sized, heavily furred mammal best characterized by its distinctive markings. You can legally own a raccoon as a pet in sixteen states. What foods are toxic for dogs.

The Inside Of The Ears Is Ringed With White, Adding To The Facial Contrast.

Injurious species under the u.s. They can problem solve and have good memories. Can you shoot a raccoon on your property in oregon?