Blue Tongued Skink Price

Blue Tongued Skink Price. Regular price $499.95 sale price $374.95 save $125.00 close (esc) sold out quick view. Buy skinks for sale online.

Classic Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink gbserpentarium
Classic Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink gbserpentarium from

We have one of the greatest selections you will find including blue tongue skinks, red sided skinks, crocodile skinks, tree skinks and more. 16 rows this is especially true if you want a rare morph. Like any other reptile, blue tongue skink care requires you to follow some rather strict.

Classic Northern Blue Tongue Skink.

Facts about skinks lifespan size price blue tongue skink care. However, this subspecies has a number of morphs that can raise the price. In contrast, rarer blue tongue skinks will cost you thousands.

Regular Price $499.95 Sale Price $374.95 Save $125.00 Close (Esc) Sold Out Quick View.

Very unhealthy animals, noting this is somewhat subjective and can be difficult. Proven breeder northern blue tongue skink. For example, some of the cheaper blue tongue.

It Is A Much More Affordable Option And Usually Costs Between $150 And $300.

They can range between $150 to $250. How often to feed a blue tongued skink. Regular price $449.99 sale price $399.99 sale view.

We Have One Of The Greatest Selections You Will Find Including Blue Tongue Skinks, Red Sided Skinks, Crocodile Skinks, Tree Skinks And More.

4 rows irian jaya blue tongue skink. Adults should be fed once or twice a week depending on the animal’s current body condition. The blue tongue skink can cost between $150 for babies to about $250 for adults.

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Certain Rare Forms Like The Centralian And The Shingle Banks Could Cost You Anywhere Between $1500 To About $3000.

Blue tongue skink care sheet; Skinks are some of the most unique pet lizards available. Below is the price chart for blue tongue skink varieties and different morphs.